Before going ahead, I think I will mention a few more things about the powerful influence that feudal languages have on human mind, human emotions and on human body design. 

First let me take a small illustrative example. 

A socially well-acknowledged person goes to meet an IPS officer in his house, due to some legal issues. After patiently hearing all that this man has to say, the IPS officer says thus to him: “Why did you want to do all this?”

However, the word he used for You was Nee, the lowest indicant word for You in the local feudal language.

Surely, this use of Nee was intended to be degrading and downsizing.  

However, the person who said this was one of the highest employees in the police department. It was not that much of a degrading or downsizing. The man went down in stature a bit. That was all. 

When the man was thus sitting in a sad mood in the veranda, the menial worker in the IPS officer’s household comes near him and ask him thus: “Why did you do all this?”

He also uses the word Nee for You.

Here also, the usage of Nee has been done with the intention of downsizing and pushing down/pulling down. However, now the relocation of stature to the social canyons. 

Feudal language words have seemingly feeble word-codes which can literally send a person tumbling down through the social heights, or to severely shake a human stature into utter disarray. 

For instance, if a police constable was to address an IPS officer with a mood love and affection with a Nee, the same kind of shaking of stature would be felt, deep down into the very core of the affected human being. At the same time, the word code used for this purpose would quite a feeble sound, which might not even be clearly audible to an untrained ear.   

To be continued....